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Yolo Journal



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Fall in love with far-off locales in the latest issue of Yolo Journal. This luxury publication is filled with travel inspiration and ideas from a host of creative and curious people, all curated by Yolanda Edwards — a veteran magazine contributor and lifelong explorer. More than an ordinary travel guide, each issue is filled with beautiful, moving photography and brief, lyrical stories that detail can’t miss destinations and experiences around the globe.

Our Fall 2023 Adventure issue takes us across the Atlantic in a sailboat and around Scotland and the American Southwest in a car; surfing in Sri Lanka, safari in Kenya, and skiing (plus aperitivo) in Cortina. But there are unexpected expeditions too: a candlelit Egyptian oasis hotel, a rugged lake region in Northern Greece, and Rome’s lesser-known museums full of shadowy masterpieces. Plus, stylish luggage that can go the distance.


  • Paperback.
  • 128 pages.
  • Edited by Yolanda Edwards.
  • Issue no. 14, Fall/Winter 2023.


Four “little” letters … that dream big. Real big. Nickname of Conde Nast Traveler Creative Director and founder of this magazine, Yolanda Edwards, as well as inspiring acronym “you only live once,” YOLO Journal is not only a beautiful travel magazine, but a reminder for us to make the most of our time.

“An escape route” as Yolanda calls it, YOLO grew from a desire to have filtered, tested and approved travel information all in one place. Not an impersonal list of addresses, mind you, but a diary of enchanting stories and unforgettable adventures.

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